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ONLINE PALMISTRY ASTROLOGY (Professional Consultancy Service)

Palmistry Astrology are true sciences which allow a skilled palmist/astrologer to guide you in your:

• Personality character
• Knowledge education
• Higher foreign education
• Profession career
• Money, wealth finance
• Fixed assets property
• Love affairs
• Marriage children
• Health diseases
• International travelling foreign settlement

These sciences also allow a skilled person to read your past events mistakes, know about your present circumstances, and also predict your future events happenings.

Palmist Astrologer

Member of international Palmistry community
Columnist Forecaster Nawa-I-Waqt (Family Magazine)


Office # 89, Play Land Floor, Siddiq Trade Centre, Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan
Name: Palmist, Astrologer Gem Therapist
Number: 92-300-8481792

Asking Price:$25 INR

Submitted: Apr-22-2015
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Why EzetriX?
• Flexible Schedule, Collaborative Teamwork and Multi-disciplinary workflow.
• Dynamic and Supportive Academic Environment.
• Heavy emphasis on Foundational Art Skills.
• Comprehensive Curriculum to provide a rigorous educational experience.
• Learning Methodology focuses on Portfolio Development.
• Mentored by Zatun Game Studio who is instrumental in the development for Course make up, Content and Software Choices.
EzetriX Institute for Gaming and Animation is the premier Diploma Video Game and Animation Education Program in Pune.
Communication, Good story telling, Collaboration, Visualization, Attention to detail and execution of these skill sets are the elementary ingredients of EzetriX. Our courses get you started and then it’s off to the races with drawing, color, design and computer applications- the real tools of the trade.Students study ‘anatomy’ to help them create more life like ‘CHARACTERS’.
At EzetriX we constantly shape and adapt the curriculum on an ongoing basis to meet the needs of an evolving industry. We lay heavy emphasis on Foundational Art, Design and Programming skills and their applications in the world of games. EzetriX focuses principally on teaching the artistic and technical skills that can bring a game to life.
The implicit promise is that if the students follow the program’s outline, they will succeed in attaining the Goal, acquiring the Skills that are needed to become an employed Game Developer.
At EzetriX we understand that jobs in the design discipline tend to be the most competitive, so we try to stimulate the candidate’s design sensibilities by cohesive professional training.
The line and sinker, of course is - you have to have a solid educational background or a solid professional background.
We want to create a history of High Quality Work!
In the end …It’s GAME OVER and YOU WIN!
Name: Neetu Saraogi
Number: 9767100600

Submitted: Apr-07-2015

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